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Takeyuki Ishii, president of the management board of NFG

Takeyuki Ishii was born in Nagoya, one of the largest and most industrialized cities in Japan. There he also started his education and in 1999 he graduated from Nagoya University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, after which he began his work and career at NGK. During 22 years of work for the concern, he had the opportunity to work in the USA and Indonesia as a member of the engineering staff. Everyday life and work in plants located outside of Japan allowed him to gain experience and prepared him to work in an international environment. In 2017, he came to Poland to take the position of a member of the company’s Management Board. Over the next 4 years, he participated in the expansion and development of Polish branches, personally experiencing evidence that the choice of Poland was an excellent decision for the NGK concern. In April of that year, he was appointed president of the company’s management board. Privately married, he has one daughter who speaks Polish much better than he does.


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