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Paweł Kruś, publisher of Świat Lekarza magazine

publisher of Świat Lekarza magazine, creator and chairman of the Golden OTIS Trust Award Committee.

Winner of many journalistic awards: “Leader of the Year 2012 in Healthcare”; awards St. Kamila; Awards Dr. Władysław Biegański; medals: Association of Journalists of Ukraine, Ukrainian Diabetes Association; Meritorious Polish Medical Society

The creator and organizer of social preventive campaigns of the “Złoty OTIS” Trust Awards:

“Watch out for the kidneys!” (popularization in Poland of the basic indicator of nephrological diagnostics GFR from 38% to 99.8%); over 14,000 tests have been performed;
“I don’t have HCV!” (The largest HCV screening test (4,000 people) carried out in Poland by 2015);
“Diabetes. Let’s win together! ” Poland and Ukraine (popularization of the innovative HbA1c method, the basic tool of modern diabetology); 4000 people were examined
“Check your child’s cholesterol!” Poland and Ukraine (2013 only) – the first mass screening study in Europe in this field.
“Ankle-Shoulder. Stop Strokes and Amputations! ” – over 2,000 people were tested.

In five preventive actions, a total of about 25,000 people in Poland and over 2,000 in Ukraine were tested free of charge.

23 people infected with HCV were saved; 300 people in Poland and about 200 in Ukraine were diagnosed with unconscious diabetes and were provided with medical care;

Nearly 1,000 people have been diagnosed with a serious risk of chronic kidney disease (PchN) and have received specialist care.

The aim of the social preventive actions of the “Złoty OTIS” Trust Award was to draw attention to new or neglected mass health problems and to popularize an effective way of solving them. Nobody in Poland undertook social preventive activities on such a scale, without using budgetary funds.


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