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Marcin Jabłoński, Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce of Exporters and Importers in Mysłowice

Member of the Arbitration Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, shareholder of Dimexnet France (Marseille) and Connection Point Africa (Tunisia).

Member of the Supervisory Board of Incuvo S.A. An expert in the field of clusters and pro-innovation policy. In 2003, co-initiator of the establishment of the first Polish ICT Pomerania cluster (PPNT Gdynia), manager of the evaluation project of Polish clusters (PARP, Ministry of Economy). He has carried out consulting projects in several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, a long-term member of the Silesian Innovation Council at the Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Voivodeship.

Member of the Investment Council of Incubator 4.0. From January 2021, Market Advisor of the Upper Silesian Fund for African markets. Initiator of the launch in Sfax (Tunisia) of the first Polish-Tunisian center of excellence in the field of drones and light aircraft.


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