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Janusz Olszowski

Janusz Olszowski is a graduate of the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. At the same university, he additionally completed Postgraduate Studies in Aerology and Postgraduate Studies in Administration and Management at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. He constantly raised his qualifications at numerous specialist courses and trainings in the field of economics, law and mining, including a course for candidates for supervisory board members in state-owned companies and a course for liquidators and receivers of bankruptcy estates. In the years 1980-1996 he worked in managerial positions underground in the Janina and Halemba coal mines, as well as in the Central Mine Rescue Station. There, he acted as chief engineer and participated in 25 rescue operations, as well as visited or managed inspections in all underground, open-pit and borehole mines in Poland. In 1996 he became a director at the Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and since 1998 he has been the president of the Chamber. In the years 2003-2006 he worked as the Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Ruda Śląska for mining. He manages the work of the Management Board of the Chamber, and in addition, personally deals with analyzing and issuing opinions on existing and proposed legal acts, representing the Chamber during the work of governmental and parliamentary committees. The scope of his responsibilities also includes issues related to the economic and financial aspects of the operation and restructuring of the fuel and energy sector as well as matters related to clean coal technologies.

In 2016-2018, Janusz Olszowski was the Vice President of the European Coal and Lignite Association EUROCOAL, and currently belongs to the Executive Committee of this organization. He is the author of several dozen publications, expert opinions and papers presented at national and international conferences. As part of additional activities, he also worked in numerous committees, committees and other bodies, such as: the Steering Committee for mining, the Executive Committee of the European Coal and Lignite Association EUROCOAL, the Mining Safety Commission at the State Mining Authority, Tripartite Group for Safety Socjalny Górników, Committee of Mining of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee for Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Scientific Council of the Central Mining Institute, Scientific Council of the Institute of Mineral and Energy Management of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Certification Body Certification Council at the Central Mining Institute, Regional Energy Council , The University Council of the Medical University of Silesia. For his work to date, he has been awarded numerous state and departmental decorations. He obtained the professional rank of General Mining Director, 1st degree.


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