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Dr. Christina Eisenberg

Through numerous projects, Dr. Christina Eisenberg has gained experience in building innovative business networks, applying for funding, as well as marketing and communication. Dr. Christina Eisenberg has been working in the UAS field since 2016: as head of the BMBF-funded innovation forum CURPAS, she was responsible for organizing professional events such as workshops, fairs and conferences. After the founding of CURPAS e. V. in 2016, Dr. Christina Eisenberg took over as treasurer on the board of directors and has been the manager of the CURPAS network since August 2017. Another of her tasks in the organization is to initiate new projects and coordinate the processes of applying for research cooperation. As a member of the CURPAS board of directors, she is also a member of the DIN committee, the BMVI technical committee and the co-founder of the European Drones Cooperation. He studied industrial engineering at TU Braunschweig and aerospace technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. After 4 years in the Research and Technology Department for Production Engineering at Airbus, Tim joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM). Its main goal is to combine the know-how existing at the institute with new digitization technologies. In this context, ‘mobile robotics’ could play a key role in the future application of surface and coating technologies in the field. So Tim is working on concepts and demonstrators for detailed inspection (not only visual), surface preparation and coating repair in situ using unmanned aerial systems. She has a license for drone operations in Germany, is a drone trainer and is involved in the establishment and operation of a German marine technology test center for real-world mobile robotics testing in a near and marine environment near the island of Helgola


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